Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cheeper Products

I noticed I kept putting up high priced items. Here are some things that won't break your wallet and are great gifts for all!

A natural Back Scrubber

Because who else is going to wash it for you?

Natural & Local Hair and Body Products

Moonsnail products. Local. Natural. Awesome.

Gift cards from Local Bookstores

They can order almost anything you want! Like one of my favorites, The Walking Dead!

More to come.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2nd Useful Thing

A Cordless Power Drill

All kinds of awesome.

This fella right here is just one of those tools that one should own. They are so handy to have around the house, garage or studio. Depending on the pieces that you have along with it, you can do so many things with it; mixing paint, drilling holes, screwing nails, unscrewing nails, mixing dry wall, beet up a robber etc. With the cordless feature, it becomes mobile along with you. Make sure to buy one or two extra batteries for times when you don't have time to waste.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Things that one should have but probably doesn't own.

Hello again,

Long time, no see. I'm in the mood to list things that I like but that I think people should have for my own personal interesting fantastic creative ideas. Warning: I am not a doctor. I also find people do not know what I am interested in for possessions. I always say, "I like useful things." And one only thinks of a hammer. Whether or not you were right in thinking that, I would like other tools, but we'll get to that later.

#1 Useful Thing

A Motha Fookan RAIN JACKET

No, I'm not talking about the pieces of stool that you get from The Dollar Store. You get all hot and sweaty and by the time you're home you're wet from your own bloody sweat than from the pouring rain you just walked through. Pro. Vs. Con. Pro: THEY ARE SOO CHEEP AND ACCESSABLE. It repels water. Con: Most only use it a few times then throw it out causing more waste. They break easily. They make you sweat; improper ventilation. Uncomfortable and doesn't keep you warm.

What I'm thinking more so quality over quantity...unfortunately. Columbia has really nice rain jackets. Some ski jackets are water resistant and has good ventilation because it's meant for the very mobile sport Skiing. Just think about it. You live in Canada. It rains all the freakin' time. Why not have a Jacket for that situations that will work %100? You put winter tires on your car every year, why not spend $300 on a good Rain Jacket that will last you up to 10 or more years (depending on if you like to keep up to fashion or not).

Quite Exquisite.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So far so good

I've only been home for a few weeks now and so far family and work have been pretty good.  I had an interview with N3xt TV on the 30th. It went pretty well I thought.

I heard back from N3xt TV and they want to try me out. They are going to let me edit a short episode. If they like it they are going to pay me for it and then we'll see from there. I'm going to Winners today though still -just in case- to see when I can start there.

I hope I get the job though. I would like to make a living out of this. They are looking for other people to work for them too so hopefully my man get the same employer. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Money is tight. Since I am getting my danage deposit finally I can afford next months rent and a little bit of grocerys. Whoot.

The weather here has been decent. Spring has srung and the leaves are now out. The beautiful sight of fresh greens and the smell of salt water fills my senses. It's beautiful.

Here's a photo that remind me how I felt abou the island. Now it has changed a bit.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thank "god" for sisters and glee

I guess it's hard to get into the reality that my parents are just too....in over their heads. I sure as hell can't fix the hell they have chose to live in. I just don't have any more sympathy for them because there is always the time to leave eachother and choose a better life. But they just keep going down

I'm pretty sure my mom is not going to my graduation again. It's like high school graduation and prom aaaalll over again. Didn't come to either; said she had to work or some bloody excuse like ITS MY DAYY OFF!! What a selfish cow...I'm sad, angry and disappointed. You'd think since I'm her daughter n all and the only child of hers to go to a University, she would make some effort to come and see me gradutate motha-fookan university. I think it's because she has never graduation from high school and never really had any goals. So, to see one of her offspring actually do something with her life, it must be unbarable to see.

I just...I can't see them as much of a part of my family.

My sisters are my family. I wish my oldest sister lived closer but thanks to gmail phone I can phone her when I want now! My 2nd oldest sister does live close so I get to see her a little more often.

I think I may go to Poland this summer. It's actually not that expensive. I'm going to finish my script there and try to find some of my family. I feel incomplete because I don't know that side of me. I guess I should start to learn a bit of basic polish then. Yaaay another launguage to learn! I can barely spell in English, let alone french or polish!! The pols have a different alphabet!! Shheeeeet ssssonn!

glee isn't coming out with another episode until April. WHAT THE HELL. Where am I gunna gets me somma that cheezy high school drammaneess with alls them singing oh soo goood. I guess I could play Degrassi and Moulin Rouge at the same time, lol! Yesss...thaat's iit.

Photos of the day:

This is the hair I wanted...and I'm sooo cloooose. Muhahhaha.

Brittney for glee is my fav! She has all the best one liners!


Friday, March 18, 2011

One thing about myself that I find odd, among other things, is that I don't know when I'm feeling down. I think to myself because of my actions( or things I ain't doin but should be) if I am or not. Like last semester because of family things and not having much school work to do I was just in a hole. I didn't want to do anything-nor go to class- nor see my classmates-go to work-anything. I just wanted to be mindless and self medicate way too much. I can only see when the darkness has past when I finally realize that I was sick mentally. I understand when someone is in such a rut they can be blind of their actions and emotions.

This semester started in the same way but I feel much better now. Maybe because I've figured that what is going on at home I can't fix. They are adults and if they can't take care of themselves and their problems then Que sera sera.

I feel much more sure of myself on things too. I think the new version of my beat sheet for screenwriting class has inspired me to change my ways and inspire me to better myself. There are somethings worth working for and bettering yourself for..like yourself and your future. I'm very excited about my new version. I hope my professor likes it.

I am thinking about singing in front of my peers. I havn't sung in front of a crowd since my last year in High School. I just don't know what song. I want it to be about graduation and such but something more. I am on the look out right now for something. Hopefully I will be inspired.

I am loving singer that I've found. Adele. She sings great. I bought her new CD. I hadn't boughten a CD in yeears. It's pretty sweet. I like her hit Rolling in the Deep and Set the Rain on Fire.

No photo of the day today. I'm not on my computer.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Parents & being comfortable with who you are.

Someone said something to me the other day that opened my eyes up about my parents. I wish I had it word for word to tell you but I cannot recall it clearly.

It made me realize something I don't like about my parents. There are parts of them I love. My mom was a great cook and outgoing. My Dad was wise, smart, calm, timid, modest...

Something made me realize one reason why they were perfect for eachother. As children they were both told by their parents that they were no good; no bodies.

My mother rebelled a retreated.

My father stayed and lost who he was. From then on he didn't like himself. He could never become anything because he never thought he could; he never believed in himself enough. He found religion and to try to find a part of him that is good because he needed some other bigger parent like "God" to reassure him that he is good; he has reason. He wasn't comfortable to be himself and find people to except who he really truely is. Instead, he didn't know himself and had to, for his sake, to follow. He became a husband and a father, which I'm sure he thought he could never do. But now his children are moved out and his mariage is breaking, like it has been for over 10 years.

If my father saw what I wrote, I might be wrong on somethings possibly, but not far from the truth anyway...

On another topic, sometimes I feel as if I have no friends. But I think of those people who put up with me and love me and it is enough. Everyone wants to have a lot of friends but I think how many I have is the right amount for me. I'm not much of a partier. I just like to hang out, talk and play a game or something. I would love to find someone to jam with again. I miss my friend who I used to jamm with. I need that again. I miss singing infront of people. I just want to sing. Sometimes I wish I could marry some singers voices. I understand why Odysseus was so attracted by those Sirens. I need to be strong like Orpheus and win like the Muses. The Muses won a bet and plucked all of the Sirens feathers out to make crowns. They showed them who the true talent is! Man I miss singing..I`m siiiick. bllaahhh... I can`t sing right when I`m siick.

I have to more accepting of myself too and let whoever accept who I am. That`s always a challenge on account that we all put masks on at some point of the day. I shall do my best for my sake.

Pics of the day:

 I wish writing music was this easy.
 And here is something for you to go all `Daaaaaaawwwww!!`at.